Shoe Deodorizer | The shUVee®

• Controls Odor
• Cleans Shoes
• Works in Hours!



The shUVee® Ultraviolet Shoe Deodorizer uses the power of UV light to clean your shoes. With The shUVee® sprays, chemicals and biological agents are a thing of the past.

The power of UV light, along with a short period of time, is all that is needed to clean the inside of your shoes.

Normally, this dark and often damp area serves as a breeding ground for foul and embarrassing shoe odor. Now with the shUVee® Ultraviolet Shoe Deodorizer your feet can begin their day inside shoes that smell like new!


“I just wanted to say that I love the shuvee and it works great. I use this thing every day because being a Navy Pilot, I use my flight boots for hours and they get really smelly. I can really use the help!”
– James, U.S. Navy


Ultraviolet Shoe Deodorizer shUVee® | Keep that New Shoe Smell!

The patented shUVee® Ultraviolet Shoe Deodorizer really works! Perfect for athletic shoes, teenagers sneakers, work shoes, dress pumps, sandals and children’s shoes.

Discover for yourself how the amazing The shUVee® Ultraviolet Shoe Deodorizer works to deodorize and clean your shoes from the inside!

  • Deodorize: UV light cleans and deodorizes the inside of your shoes. Your nose will agree!
  • Refresh: Daily use keeps your shoes smelling fresh. Even shoes can use a mini-vacation.
  • Easy: Place your shoes on the wands, press one button and allow the advanced UV light to do its job. That’s it.
  • Green: No corrosive chemicals used – just the same UV light produced naturally by the Sun. Step into the light, pun intended.
  • Affordable: Only a single shUVee® is needed for the whole family. Of course, you know who.

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